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Permaculture at the Atlas Kasbah

What is permaculture?

Permaculture is a closed loop design system that mimics nature. It offers a path to independence by creating a self-sufficient living system that incorporates waste reuse, rain water catchment, native plant and animal species, and independent energy production.

It is a precise design system for human settlements that utilizes the intelligence found in natural eco-systems where all components have a symbiotic and beneficial relationship. When designing according to permaculture principles, one must consider every aspect of the land (eg the contour of the land, where the rain gathers, the quality of the soil, the proximity to other settlements, the edible native nitrogen fixers etc.) and include each element in the design so that each fulfils at least three functions. In this design we create a system that produces food, energy and water while using our wastes as resources so that eventually there is no need for any outside input. We become independent and free and able to live happy and healthy lives!

Why permaculture at the Atlas Kasbah?

The Atlas Kasbah Ecolodge was the first facility in Morocco to use permaculture in its gardens.

The 1st reason is that we would like to consume what we produce without any chemicals. It enables us to go back to traditional values. The 2nd reason is our kids. We want the best for them: healthy food and ecology and plants learning at the same time. Last reason is that we hope to make Moroccan people aware of the values of permaculture as a solution to present problems: desertification, pesticides abuse…

2010 Anders Drew is a British expert and he was the first permaculture instructor of Atlas Kasbah’s gardens.

2011 Meggen Connolley is an American permaculture expert and renaissance-girl-of-sorts. Meggen is among other things a permaculture designer, writer, singer, philosopher and artist. She worked in many fields from marketing to international affairs before deciding that permaculture was her path. She has been actively involved in permaculture projects since 2008 in Hawaii, California, New York City, Arizona, and Costa Rica. She hopes to plant the seeds of change -through permaculture principles- in every mind she meets!

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