About Us

Hassan Aboutayeb is the manager and owner of the Kasbah. He is also a well known consultant on sustainable tourism development. Hassan has a French Master of Arts in Sustainable Tourism. Hassan wanted to put his professional knowledge into practice and consequently Atlas Kasbah was born, the first ecolodge in Agadir, Morocco.

Hassan’s wife, Hélène, has a Master’s in Sustainable Development from the University of Maine and has been instrumental in the implementation of this innovative ecotourism project in Morocco.

The project focuses on respect for the environment, appreciation and use of traditional architecture techniques and above all, the strengthening of the local Berber communities.

In order to help make your stay as pleasant as possible, there is a team of local Berber staff from the nearby villages, whose only concern is to take good care of you. They include: Rkia, Tamhilt, Rachida, M’Bark, Hussein,…

The Kasbah community is completed by some pets: goats, peacocks, chickens, turkeys and cats but don’t worry if you’re allergic, they don’t come into the ecolodge.

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