Make the best of your stay with some great activities ! Certain activities are organized for guests that don’t stay at the Ecolodge.

Note : certain activities proposed require a minimum number of participants and are available upon request.

Beauty and Wellness

  • Argan & Essential Oils Massage

    Enjoy one of the best Argan Massage in Agadir

    What is more relaxing to retrieve pain and stress than a argan Massage. The Berbers know the value of traditional massage therapy and share it with you through a two-hour massage.

  • Hammam

    A Moroccan Hammam in Agadir : Take a beauty break

    Enjoy a traditional Steam Bath : “the Moroccan Hammam” : Enjoy Wellness, Relaxation and Beauty !

  • Henna Tattoo

    Temporary Henna Tattoos are a very ancient tradition in Morocco. These ornamental designs are used to protect and moisturize the skin, the nails and the hair.

    The intricate patterns that adorn women’s body in Morocco all represent important symbols. Ready to adorn your body with this beautiful and exotic body art ? Enjoy !

Nature and culture

  • Introduction to native Languages

    Learn some words in native Berber : Tachelheet dialect or acquire a basic notion of spoken Arabic. You’ll soon notice how a few words and phrases will make a big difference in your Moroccan experience and how people truly appreciate your efforts in learning more about their culture.

  • Hands-on Moroccan Cooking Class

  • Hands-on Course on Moroccan pottery & tadelakt

  • Permaculture at the Atlas Kasbah

  • Bird watching in Morocco

    Come and enjoy bird watching in Morocco

    One of the best spots for bird watching in Morocco are in the South of the country. The Souss Massa National Park is famous place for bird watching in Agadir. Many international bird watchers famous for the bald ibis and other rare species.

    A few bird species around Atlas Kasbah :

    • Golden Eagle | Aquila Chrysaetas
    • White Wagtail | Matacila Alba
    • House Bunting | Emberiza Striolata
    • Cirl Bunting | Emberiza Cirlus
    • Corn Bunting | Emberiza Calandra
    • Common Bulbul | Pycnonotus Barbatus
    • Thekla Lark | Galerida Theklae
    • Great spotted Cuckoo | Clamator Glandarius
    • Spectacled Warbler | Sylvia Conspicillata
    • Bald Ibis | Geronticus Eremita
    • Barbary partridge | Alectoris Barbara
    • Great Grey Shrike | Lanius Excubitor Algeriensis
    • Chiffchaff | Phylloscopus Collybita
    • Moussier’s redstart | Phoenicus Moussieri
    • Serin | Serinus Serinus
    • Stone chat | Saxicola Torquata
    • Laughting Dove | Streptopelia senegalensis

    Give us some feed-back to update this list !

Sports & Recreation

  • Hikes or Donkey-rides

    Enjoy a walking tour or a donkey ride in Berber villages and experience the daily life of Moroccan countryside. Learn about the local legend about lovers. Learn how to extract argan oil with the women from the local cooperative. Take the ancient trail that the locals used to take to go to Agadir. Slow down to Berber pace !

  • Surf or body-board Sessions

    Would you like to surf one of the best spots of Morocco, then surf in Agadir !

    (equipment & transportation from & to Atlas Kasbah included)

  • Mountain-Biking in Agadir

    Why not enjoying some mountain-biking in Agadir ?

    Many different mountain-biking rides are available within the argan forest.

  • Ideal Yoga Venue in Morocco

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