A stay in beautiful, fascinating Southern Morocco, provides the opportunity for a range of activities for discovery, leisure, sport and culture.

We are available to help you find what you are looking for and make your stay in Morocco a unique experience.

Adventure or Sport Lovers : Let’s go !


Salt water pool

Enjoy the only salt-water pool in Agadir and its region: swim in view of the Atlas mountains.


Bike in the Atlas

Hire a mountain bike in the Atlas: discover mountain bike routes and tracks in the Atlas, enjoying the striking countryside of the High Atlas, pure mountain air and the welcome of local communities.



Relax, find time for yourself, recharge your batteries, here is a golden opportunity to discover yoga, practice it at an advanced level or meditate in front of the landscapes bathed in light of southern Morocco.


Hiking in the Atlas

Go trekking in the Atlas: experience hiking or mule trekking in the Atlas to discover Argan woodland, Berber villages and the beauty of nature close to Agadir.


Surf in Taghazout

Make the most of one of the best surfing spots in Morocco: surf in Taghazout then rest on the beaches of Southern Morocco.


Stand-up paddle board

Notice to the amateurs of gliding, the stand-up paddle board brings new sensations while allowing to discover the superb landscapes of the Moroccan littoral.


Horseback ride in the Atlas

Discover the mountains of the Atlas on horseback during a hike in the forest of the argan tree. At your pace, whether you are beginner or experienced, enjoy the majestic landscapes of southern Morocco.

Mule treks

Profitez d’une randonnée en famille et vos enfants pourront découvrir les paysages des premiers contreforts de l’Atlas à dos d’âne.

Want to culture and discovery?


Arabic calligraphy

Learn the basics of Arabic calligraphy: with its age-old treasures, where better than Morocco to dive into discovery of the Arabic language.

bald ibis (20) (800x571)

ornithology in Morocco

Practice ornithology in Morocco and be astounded by the dozens of species of bird around the Kasbah.

Activités atlas kasba

course Tadelakt

Learn ancestral know-how through a Tadelakt course in Morocco: follow the advice of the master craftsman and learn millenary gestures to decorate your own home by following our course Tadelakt.

Activités 2

Berber language class

Take a Berber language class: a Moroccan Kasbah is the perfect venue to discover the beauty of Amazigh language and culture


pottery lesson

Make an object in a pottery lesson: feels the work of your hands via the clay and make a unique object in a Moroccan pottery workshop, a country renowned for its pottery work.


Astronomy evening

With our laser or telescope, discover the sky and its constellations.

Want flavors?


Botanical Trail and Permaculture

Know the native medicinal plants and their properties: walk in the organic garden and learn to recognize medicinal plants and enjoy their benefits through a ceremony of purifying infusions.

Discover permaculture: stroll through the organic garden, the olive grove, the argan tree, under the fruit trees and in the middle of one of the most preserved organic fruit and vegetable crops of Agadir.

Activités 1

Honey tasting workshop

What better place than the honey road to taste the various honeys in the region? Honey euphorbia, thyme … Thousand colors and a thousand flavors to discover.

Date tasting workshop

Enjoy your stay to know the different varieties of dates, their shapes, their textures and their medicinal properties.

Moroccan cooking class

Prepare a delicious Moroccan menu in a warm atmosphere and learn the tricks to succeed the best of the Moroccan soil.

therapeutic fasting

Purify your body through a therapeutic fast from breakfast to dinner. Herbal tea detox plants at will.
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