Atlas Kasbah

Winner of the World Trophy for Responsible Tourism

Wellbeing stay in Morocco: Atlas Kasbah Spa

The Atlas Kasbah ecolodge Spa is the ideal place to relax and recharge on holiday. This treatment centre has been carefully designed to be ecological and responsible. Discover this unique Spa in Morocco with its salt pool, Atlas mountain white quartz and wild flowers bath, therapeutic salt cave, therapeutic and energising massages, yoga and meditation. Treat yourself to a break in a vibrational atmosphere that invites wellbeing thanks to noble raw materials from a fertile land: onyx, white quartz and Atlas pink quartz lamps.

Products 100% at the service of the planet

Our care and beauty products are the result of exchanges and collaboration with ethical cooperatives that share the philosophy of preserving the planet's natural resources. Thus, they offer all their virtues to the body. Argan oil from women's cooperatives, wild medicinal plants from the Atlas mountains directly harvested in a respectful way at the source, everything here is the result of an ancestral know-how and allows the women of the Amazigh communities to benefit from direct financial spin-offs for themselves and their families.