The Committee on Economic and Financial Affairs of the UN General Assembly adopted, by consensus, a resolution presented by Morocco, on the "Promotion of sustainable tourism including ecotourism for poverty eradication and environmental protection.

The resolution highlights the importance, in the face of the Covid-19 crisis, of fostering international cooperation to ensure that tourism recovery becomes a priority and is designed in a responsible and environmentally sound manner, while protecting the most vulnerable and supporting local economic fabrics. Thanks to the dynamic campaign led by Morocco, the resolution was co-sponsored by 94 member states belonging to different regional groups.

The leadership of Morocco in the multilateral fora of the UN on this issue consecrates the pioneering role of the Kingdom in solidarity and enterprise on the national and international scene for sustainable development, in accordance with the high guidelines of King Mohammed VI, especially in terms of support for sectors vulnerable to shocks induced by the coronavirus crisis, such as tourism.

In this context, the Moroccan resolution highlighted several elements, including the importance of supporting the tourism sector to establish the basis for its recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. The resolution also highlights the holding of the next World Tourism Assembly scheduled for Marrakech in 2021.

In adopting this resolution, Morocco reiterated its support for the World Tourism Organization (ILO). The work of the World Tourism Assembly will be crucial for a credible and responsible commitment to tourism, a key sector for sustainable development in its three economic, environmental and social dimensions. Similarly, the World Tourism Assembly is a unique opportunity for the international community to strengthen the repositioning of global tourism towards sustainable and resilient paths.

Through concerted action, countries and tourism stakeholders aim to initiate a collective response, while promoting tourism recovery plans and investments in the sustainable and citizen economy.

In the current difficult context, the sudden and massive drop in the number of tourists around the world is a threat to jobs and economies and impacts the fabric of cooperatives, small and medium enterprises that live on this sector. Hence the importance of international cooperation to hasten the revival of tourism in a responsible and ecological way, and to support local economic fabrics.

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