Organic garden and Permaculture

Atlas Kasbah is the first permaculture project in southern Morocco. Since 2009, several international volunteers have succeeded in developing a garden of native plants that thrive thanks to techniques such as companionship: a vegetable garden, medicinal and aromatic plants, fruit trees and argan trees:

British expert A. Drew initiated the project, to implement landscape architecture and sustainable garden management;

American specialist M. Connoley focussed on increasing the irrigation potential of the plants and improving the soil;

Our whole team of Amazigh gardeners collaborated in field diagnostics and crop selection.

This protected ecosystem provides nesting sites for many species of bird.

The phyto-purification system

Atlas Kasbah’s phytopurification-based wastewater treatment system is unique in the South of Morocco. It was developed by a researcher from Agadir University and filters ecolodge wastewater using aquatic plants. This system is supplemented by a system of terraces for solar UV purification. This streamlines permaculture garden irrigation.

What is permaculture?

This word is a contraction of the expression “permanent agriculture” invented by two Australians: Mollison and Holmgren. It is a sustainable agricultural system based on a landscape architecture carefully tailored to its local environment and taking into account the interaction between human presence and sustainable, environmentally-friendly agriculture. The concept aims to reproduce the natural local ecosystems.